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Innocence: How it all started
I ran home, tears flowing down my face. Cole Burke. The most well known bully at West High School. He had humiliated me in front of the entire school. I was covered head to toe in garbage, smelled like it too, and I could still hear the laughter of my classmates echoing in my head. I had never been overly popular, but as the garbage can in the cafeteria was dumped over my head, I knew exactly what they all thought of me. My tears ceased as sadness was replaced with anger. Pure and boiling hatred. They thought that they could judge me. Because I wasn't stick thin and dressed in the highest fashion. Because my hair wasn't shiny and perfect. Because I was quiet. They thought that they could humiliate me, but they were wrong. I would show them. Before I could finish my thought, I felt a searing pain, and the sweet comfort of darkness enveloped me.
When I came to again, I was looking down upon my own body. My ebony hair sprawled on the asphalt, surrounded by red. The same red was splattered
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Persephone (technically a WIP?) by Cst1999 Persephone (technically a WIP?) :iconcst1999:Cst1999 2 10
Mature content
Beauty and The Banshee chapter 6 :iconcst1999:Cst1999 0 30
Sapphire- Fairy Tail OC by Cst1999 Sapphire- Fairy Tail OC :iconcst1999:Cst1999 0 16
Beauty and the Banshee- Ch 5
The next morning, Damon was up early. The sun was just pushing itself up over the horizon, casting the sky a beautiful orange-red. He smiled and looked at Elena, who was snoring softly at his side. Her dark hair was splayed across the pillow, soft and gleaming, and her lips were slightly parted. Damon wondered if they were as soft as they looked. He sighed. She most likely didn't return his feelings, so why bother, even though he wanted to. She was beautiful, strong, and he thought that maybe he could pull her from her shell, make her smile. Damon's gaze wandered her body and he blushed slightly as he settled upon her chest. Her shirt was tight at the breasts, cleavage visible. He quickly looked away before his mind got too carried away. Just then, Elena stirred and started to open her eyes, looking up at him.
"Why are you staring at me?" She asked. Damon tried not to blush.
"You.. Looked so peaceful. And I didn't want to wake you.." He said. Elena blushed a little. Damon was surprised
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Adopt #1 Snake Demon by Cst1999 Adopt #1 Snake Demon :iconcst1999:Cst1999 0 0 Gift for HinataFox790 by Cst1999 Gift for HinataFox790 :iconcst1999:Cst1999 1 2 I thought I'd be more proud by Cst1999 I thought I'd be more proud :iconcst1999:Cst1999 1 2 Isn't he adorable? by Cst1999 Isn't he adorable? :iconcst1999:Cst1999 1 11
(Read Description!)
December 13, 1930
Dear Diary,
My name is Anastasia Brayton. I am 29 years old, and I am a mother of one, soon to be two in February. My oldest boy, Zachary, is 4, and does not understand what has been happening to us. Our meals are small and consist of what little bread and meat I am able to buy on our budget, and we can no longer afford milk. We have been surviving on tap water. Every night he asks me for more to eat, and it breaks my heart. I tell him that I can’t give him any more, but he is small and I’m beginning to worry about his health. My husband, Daniel, has began refusing to let me make dinner anymore, telling me to go lay and relax. I have insisted many times that I should do it, but he worries so much over my pregnancy. He burns the meat every time, but his effort and kindness lets me remember why I fell in love with him in the first place.
I was 22 when we met. I was thinner at the time, with long golden curls and bright green eyes full of mischief. He was a b
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Beauty and the Banshee- Chapter 4
It was a few more days before Damon and Elena finally arrived in the little village. The sight made Damon's heart feel heavy. The buildings were crumbling, dirty, with broken windows. Some even had no doors. The few people who roamed the streets had dirty tattered clothes, and some, the women especially, looked hollow and gaunt. The children weren't running or playing.. There was no laughter and the sound of feet on the dirt. Most clung desperately to their mothers, others were crying or hiding in nooks and crannies that they could fit themselves into. Some of the older boys and girls were hauling wood and other supplies, but there were few. Damon knew then that they'd been hit hard by the banshees. The awful creatures had taken over, taking who they wanted without any conscious thought. He swallowed, memories flooding into his head. The screams of his father.. As his mother tore out his throat. A couple once in love destroyed by his mothers overwhelming hunger... She had waited too lo
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Unexpected Feelings- Prologue
My small form shook as I watched the scene unfold before me. Two men had broken into my bedroom, on the second story. I couldn’t figure out they had gotten in, but right now I was too frightened to care. The men were tall, dressed in all black and their faces were stiff. One man was sneering, laughing as he once again bashed my daddy’s head into the wall. I whimpered, pulling my knees closer to my chest as I huddled against the wall of my closet. I noticed that daddy was no longer moving, and my eyes began to burn with tears.  The other man looked at my mother. Her face showed fear, but there was fire in her eyes.
“Relax, we only want the boy. He’s young, perfect to become the next Ravener.” He said in a gruff voice.  What was a Ravener?
“No! You leave my son alone!” Mommy yelled. She then ran at him, but before she could do anything he simply grabbed her and ripped off her head, making it look as effortless as ripping off a
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PROOF by Cst1999 PROOF :iconcst1999:Cst1999 1 12 I just really like this picture... by Cst1999 I just really like this picture... :iconcst1999:Cst1999 2 10
Beauty and the Banshee- Ch 3
A few hours later the sun had begun to set.
"We should stop. Find shelter.." Damon said from behind Elena. He was unable to get Sillesse to cooperate.. She was moving at her own speed.
"Yeah probably... We'll start moving again early tomorrow so get some sleep... I'll be armed." She said, stopping near a cave and starting to set up beds. "You hungry?" She asked. Damon shrugged.
"Not really.. " he replied, plopping down onto his sleeping bag. He then removed his shirt, and Elena cleared her throat.
"Excuse me, clothes on." She said. He grinned, shaking his head.
"No can do beautiful, it's too hot.. Why don't you sit, take of your armor, relax... Have a bite?" He said. As he spoke, something flashed in his eyes.. Concern? Elena mentally shook her head. She doubted he was capable of such an emotion. He sighed.
"Fine princess, but you better see someone to get that stick removed from your butt..." He said. Elena glared, resisting the urge to pull her knife out. She sat on the cave floor, a
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Keo by Cst1999 Keo :iconcst1999:Cst1999 0 4


IM SORRY by Aviatrs IM SORRY :iconaviatrs:Aviatrs 8 9 Ashtoreth by mior3e Ashtoreth :iconmior3e:mior3e 1,507 57 Happy New Year! by Elfessa Happy New Year! :iconelfessa:Elfessa 92 8 Gift of Strawberry by Darqx Gift of Strawberry :icondarqx:Darqx 105 62 Nozomi by KokoTensho Nozomi :iconkokotensho:KokoTensho 207 9 Yumiko by aionlights Yumiko :iconaionlights:aionlights 316 13 duo idol by KurosakiSasori-kun duo idol :iconkurosakisasori-kun:KurosakiSasori-kun 121 0 Spending Christmas with Iori by redricewine Spending Christmas with Iori :iconredricewine:redricewine 172 16 Hoodie by Yytru Hoodie :iconyytru:Yytru 316 11 Fantasy by phobialia Fantasy :iconphobialia:phobialia 138 11 Ruby Rose by Memipong Ruby Rose :iconmemipong:Memipong 1,549 72 Kiki by kasai Kiki :iconkasai:kasai 3,066 96 Gem Soldier by Oc-Lover Gem Soldier :iconoc-lover:Oc-Lover 1 0


So while browsing trying to find a paper for my business class, I found a storyline for a project I did in my graphic design class my freshman year. Should I actually write it? I think you guys might like it but we'll see. Also, would you guys like me to continue any other stories that haven't been updated in a while..?


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Alright, first off, i absolutely recommend :iconoc-lover:. Shes an amazing writer, and my best friend. <3 Also, I post mostly literature. I love anime too. I don't draw very well, however I love writing and i may post things from games.

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